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New!! Introduction to Unity

Part A with embedded video

We have started a new tutorial series Introduction to Unity. This is aimed at beginners and introduces the Unity interface and the C# programming language in an accessible manner. The format for these tutorials is pdf documents with some short embedded videos to demonstrate how Unity is used where a written or verbal explanation is not adequate.

The series is in three parts

A. The Unity interface, Game Objects, Components, and how scripts work in Unity.(Free)

B. A simple 2D game that demonstrates the use of sprites, user input, basic collision events and an introduction to levels and the Unity UI. (Coming Soon)

C. Introduction to 2D Physics, and state machines in a more complex 2D game. (Coming Soon)

The Unity Game Engine is a very popular application for developing video games and interactive content. This tutorial series is an introduction to managing simple art assets, and implementing basic scripting to get things happening. This is a paid tutorial series. The first lesson is free so you can check it out. Other lessons will soon be available individually at a low price.

Welcome to GameDZine

GameDZine provides newcomers to video game design an accessible starting point in this exciting venture.  Our long experience in teaching real people in real classes allows us to present complex technical material in a way that anyone can understand.  So if you've had difficulty with much of the material available on the web, this is the place for you.

Ideas for Games

Creating video games is a definite art. The issue is that it is not simple to come up with ideas for video games. And even after we do get an idea, it would not seem as fresh or thrilling as we want it to be. The next presents a number of ways you possibly can generate some artistic ideas to keep your video game as enjoyable to play from starting to end.

1. Make it funny. Humor has an exquisite means of remodeling the seemingly dreadful boring into one thing that is not only tolerable, but participating as well. And if boredom is an illness, laughter is its cure. In the event you can inject jokes, humorous imagery, or goofy characters into your game, your gamers will calm down and affiliate your game with good feelings – a definite formulation for success.

2. Let your thoughts wander away the beaten path. Since a lot of our thinking is associative anyway, there’s no purpose why you could not manifest this affiliation into your video game. When one idea makes you think of another, embrace it as a part of a video game no matter how illogical the connection is (at first). Do not forget that video video games are your platform for creativity. It’s time to be a bit of wild and a bit of unconventional. With out this free-form thinking, we absolutely wouldn’t have the artistic gems that we have now today. You may at all times restore a way of logic back into the sport at an applicable time.

3. Make your dreams come true. Actually, turn your dreams into video game scenarios. Had a nightmare these days? Embrace the scary thing in the game. Had a ridiculously silly dream these days? Embrace it in the game as a detour or distraction. Typically dreams may be more fascinating as life, and as a video game developer, you want your video games to be the same. Preserve a dream journal and write down those bizarre experiences you’ve gotten at night. Your avid gamers will thank you for it.

4. Copy nature. Let’s be sincere – Nature is fairly weird. We’ve bees flying round and pollinating plants. We’ve water evaporating into the sky after which falling down from clouds as rain. Childbirth is an odd phenomenon itself, and germs – the smallest thing on the planet can bring down a herd of elephants. In the event you may emulate some of this loopy stuff in your personal video video games, you’ll have carried out what each man secretly needs he may do himself. And that is take nature into your personal hands and shape it into the reality you want! But do not copy nature faithfully. Twist it around. For instance, instead of bees flying round and pollinating plants, your video game may have 3-inch aliens flying round and pollinating brainwashed FBI agents. Starting to get the thought?

5. Dig into History. One other good resource for video game material is our personal history – but not the boring stuff. We’re speaking in regards to the good stuff. The embarrassing stuff. Look for odd and bizarre information on-line and embrace the asinine issues that individuals have carried out prior to now as a part of your game’s plot. Your gamers won’t imagine what they’re seeing!

6. Go Metaphor Happy. Metaphors are figures of speech wherein expressions are used to consult with one thing that it doesn’t actually denote. It simply suggests a similarity. We’re undecided, but we’re fairly convinced that a lot of the space ships in video video games are based on what we name the “nuts and bolts” metaphor. In the event you look carefully on the designs of some of these autos, after which look at some of the instruments you’ve gotten in your toolbox, you will begin to see a similarity among the many two like we did. You can do the identical in your video video games to come up with some really distinctive imagery and situations.

7. Play the video game earlier than it has begun development. That sounds loopy, but it may be carried out and it’s an excellent approach to get the plot down. To make this work, calm down your self and visually imagine that you just’re enjoying the sport from begin to finish. Let your thoughts suggest scenes, characters, plots, and strategies. Write down the sport as its being performed earlier than your thoughts, after which repeat for every twist that you just’d wish to see carried out in the precise game.

8. Throw the plot into the mixer. There may probably be nothing more challenging in a video game than plot twists. As long as it’s not too confusing to the purpose where gamers complain and quit enjoying, rearranging its plot may lend to some enjoyable thoughts-bending twists that no one would ever predict. Attempt placing the sport’s starting in the middle, or introduce all of the subplots at first of the sport and have it all begin to make sense toward the end (Assume, “Pulp Fiction”).

9. Have a look at the sport with another person’s eyes. You could already know the way you want your game to play, but so might everyone else. To inject some real creativity into your video game, design it as if it had been offered from the eyes of a kid, a lizard, or an inanimate object like a television. This exercise won’t only maintain the sport intriguing for it’s gamers, it will additionally maintain its improvement challenging and fascinating for you! Don’t be stunned in case your newfound view changes the sport throughout its development. A brand new perspective has an fascinating behavior of making new functions and new solutions.

10. Challenge the rules. Try to do not forget that most advances in something (not simply video video games) happened from challenging the rules. To make this work, think of the rules imposed on video game builders prior to now and simply break them! Do the opposite. Where they say you possibly can’t otherwise you shouldn’t – go on and do it. As long as your rule-breaking spree causes no hurt and would not jeopardize the integrity of the sport, strive it!

11. Don’t name your venture a video game. Typically once you change the name of one thing, you begin to view it differently. It is because different words move a line of thought into a different path – a different path that sparks new ideas.

12. Combine ideas. We’re typically advised to ditch the first, second, or even third concept that we come up with for a venture in favor for a a lot stronger idea. But instead of ditching these ideas, why not mixed them into one. Combining ideas is likely one of the easiest ways to come up with new ideas and you can do the along with your game. You would mix life kinds, surroundings, and all kinds of things. The tip outcome could be nothing wanting wonderful and all of the while, your gamers will wonder, “How did they come up with this stuff?!”

13. Do the unexpected. That is probably one of the hardest issues for linear programmers to do as a result of as software builders, programmers are trained to keep the whole lot working in some form of straight, logical order. To make this work, game programmers are going to have to offer themselves permission to go nuts – to do the unexpected and never obsess over the consequences. As good training for all of us, doing the unexpected is a releasing expertise that opens our minds to workable prospects we probably wouldn’t consider otherwise. These are prospects that could make your video stand out from the group of copy-cats.

14. Design the video game for a specific audience. Choose a novel audience to design your game for and guantee that each character, scene, subplot, and technique caters to the interest of this audience. But do not choose a typical audience – go crazy. Design your game as if a canine had been the player, a computer mouse, or perhaps a stack of pancakes. Let your imagination go wild and you will see a brand new world unfold earlier than you.

15. Imagine that you are the video game. In the event you had been the video game that you just’re designing, how would you want to be performed? Trying to answer this query ought to set you off on quite a artistic spree of new and original ideas (if not one hell of a giggling session). Don’t simply throw the goofy ideas that you just get from this exercise into the trash bin. Critically think of learn how to implement them into your video game. This technique is sure to place you on the gaming map.

16. Substitute. Utilizing one object in the place of another is another certain means of arising with cool ideas for video game, and in certain conditions, it’s the only approach to dream up one thing fresh and new. When it appears that evidently you simply cannot come up with a brand new slant, you’re greatest guess is to replace a typical, predictable character with a lively, cute and helpful soda can. Or substitute a typical, predictable plot with some bizarre scene out of a dream. Remember: nothing is irreplaceable.

17. Introduce a bit of randomness into the mix. There’s quite a bit to be said about random events. They at all times bring us the factor of shock and you can use it to keep your video game exciting. The important thing to creating randomness work in a video game is to introduce a set variety of prospects into several sections of the sport after which have every of those prospects result in a different outcome. Certain, this might drive a player loopy, but you’ve got to admit, it will ship them scrambling for a solution and speaking about your game for days.

18. Don’t end developing the game. Would not that be a hoot! Instead of developing a video game that has a starting and an end, design a game that constantly loops with challenges (ranges) that increase with difficulty on each round. Successful a game like this might be a matter of racking up factors and to fulfill game play, you can have the sport put up the name of the player with the very best factors to a group website. (Hey, it’s a thought!)

19. Exaggerate, Exaggerate, Exaggerate. One approach to generate ideas for a video game is to magnify the characters, scenes, plots, and strategies that you have already got down. That is how ‘good” turns into ‘cool’ and the way ‘cool’ turns into ‘awesome.’ The trick is to know once you’re crossing the line and going from “possible” to “impossible.” You at all times want to maintain a way of possible actuality in a game, however on the identical token, you do not want to make the sport so possible that it’s predictable. There is a delicate balance and as a game developer who desires to stand out from the group, you’ve got to know the way far you possibly can stretch this balance without being offensive, silly, or stupid.

The fundamental point that we want to stress throughout this information is that your game improvement would not should observe the standing quo. In the event you keep on with what’s been carried out earlier than or what’s been performed earlier than, you will find that your video games will acquire mud on the shelves and that all your time and efforts can have been for naught.

Break established customs or doctrines and you’ll get noticed. Get seen and you will gain a reputation for developing essentially the most excellent video games around. Having the ability to get good ideas to your video video games ideas is a gift – especially since good ideas may be exhausting to come back by. But stop and take into consideration what you’ve gotten so far. Is it the perfect? May it’s better? Would a different strategy make it easier to acquire the fame that you just crave?

Take a look at every technique we’ve launched on this article and see if you cannot implement just one or two of them. Implementing ALL of them will surely be a problem, but so would the end outcome: your game.

In the present day’s gamer craves the unknown, he craves one thing new, different, and original. In the event you’re suffering from the “blank web page syndrome,” simply pull up our article and consider every technique as the answer. Broaden your present ideas to the purpose where they excite even you – the developer.

And at all times do not forget that your video game is an extension of you. It offers with self-expression, creativity and communication. Don’t underestimate your self or your capabilities to do the unthinkable. And no matter you do – do not underestimate your players. The benefits of following our suggestions far outweigh any doubts you might have as a result of when you step out of the realm of expectations, you make an exquisite contribution to the world.


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